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Stray Animals/Injured Wildlife

Injured Wildlife

Unfortunately we are unable to take in injured wildlife, as we are not a licensed wildlife rehabilitation centre. If you find injured wildlife please contact your nearest wildlife centre, or animal control.

Toronto Wildlife Centre: 416-631-0662
City of Vaughan Animal Control: 905-832-2281

Stray Animals

Unfortunately we are unable to accept stray animals. The OSPCA or Animal Control in your city are the only ones who can act as an “agent” for a stray animal. Please contact the OSPCA or animal control if you find a lost animal.

We can however scan a stray animal for a microchip to see if their owner can be located.

OSCPA of York: 905-898-7122

  • Serves Aurora / Richmond Hill / Markham / Thornhill

City of Vaughan: 905-832-8505

  • Serves Vaughan / King City / Bradford / West Gwillimbury

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